Mathematics, language arts, advocacy, and more. How can I help?

Academic tutoring services I offer, both privately and in small groups:


K-12 instruction in mathematics, featuring:

*Deeper conceptual understanding through rich and engaging mathematical tasks that stimulate brain development

*Skill development, practice, and refinement

*Multisensory instruction for students with dyscalculia and other math learning disorders

*Enrichment for gifted/accelerated students

*Increased confidence and enjoyment for every student!


K-12 instruction in English language arts and social studies, focusing on the development of purposeful, proficient writing 

Tutoring in the sciences through 8th grade, plus biology grades 9-12


Collaboration with teachers on all aspects of a student's learning


Support services I offer:


Social-emotional support in every session

Advocacy for services (such as IEP's and 504 plans) in schools and with other care providers

Consultation with other service providers

Family consultation and support


Pricing is based on grade level, subject, goals, and scope of services; contact me for a free consultation.